Benefits of Colloidal Oatmeal

Colloidal Oatmeal is made by taking oatmeal and grinding it to a powder. Then you can add it to a warm bath to soften skin, help comfort itching, or even mix with milk and honey to make a soothing facial mask.



But where did oatmeal come from?

Oats are an ancient grain. The earliest known oats were found in Egypt around 2000 BC. Experts believe that these grains were non-cultivated oats, a wild variety, more like a weed. Oats are believed to be first cultivated around a thousand years before Christ in Europe. The Romans and Greeks didn’t like the idea of eating oats, and they mainly fed the grain to livestock. Later on, the English did the same thing, while the Scottish folks ate them for sustenance. Oats came to North America in the early 1600s.

What benefits does oatmeal deliver?

Aside from the beauty benefits of oatmeal, the grain also has other beneficial properties. For one thing, it’s packed with fiber. A cup of oatmeal has around 4 grams of fiber, half soluble and half insoluble. The soluble fiber has been shown to help us lower bad (LDL) cholesterol when eaten as part of a low-fat diet. And fiber, according to studies, can lower blood pressure and help fight heart disease.

Experts also say that a high-fiber diet can also aid the reduction in the risk of colon cancer.

So, since the grain fills us up by staying in the stomach longer, and keeps us feeling full throughout the day, oatmeal is a great breakfast with a lot of benefits.

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