Colloidal Oatmeal for Sun Burn

Does Oatmeal Help Sunburns?

Well, it does relieve the itch and soothes the skin. It also helps cool my skin every time I apply it. You can put it on like a paste by mixing some colloidal oatmeal with pure water or milk, or you can add it to your bath and soak in it, and your sun-burnt skin will thank you.


Add the oatmeal to your bath, then soak in it for about 20 minutes. Turn on the warm water and shake a couple of cups of oatmeal into the running bath. Swish it around until the oatmeal dissolves. Test the water, and when it’s cool enough, get in and enjoy. But make sure to be careful when you get in and out of the bath, because it can be very slippery.

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