Colloidal Oatmeal for Pets

Do your dogs like to run through the woods? Or at least through your neighbor’s prize Poison Ivy patch? Was your cat bitten by bugs or stung by a bee? If your pets have the itch, colloidal oatmeal can help soothe their skin as well. Add colloidal oatmeal to a luke-warm bath (a hot bath will irritate the skin), add your pets, and let them soak for five to ten minutes. This may be difficult with a cat! Or with a dog, too. Mine don’t really like to soak, if you know what I mean.


After soaking in the oatmeal bath, their skin will be silky smooth, and since colloidal oatmeal pulls out the annoying irritant, your pets will be feeling better in no time. This treatment will help, but must be repeated every two to three days. It’s a great way to get rid of that doggy smell, too. It might be a pain, but it’s worth it!